Temptation Resort & Spa Hotel, Cancun, Hotel Review

The hotel is centrally located in Cancun hotel zone and right on the beach. The Temptation Resort is suitable for couples and singles and has a lot of entertainment both daytime and evening.

There are three pools 1 with “sexy” games, 1 with sports and 1 for relaxation. There is also seven Jacuzzis, five restaurants, several bars and a gym at the resort. Ladies can try a special exercise class where you get the opportunity to learn pole dance moves

Temptation Resort Cancun

Rooms at the Temptation Resort & Spa Hotel are highly rated by previous guests – very fresh, daily replenished mini-bar and stylish LCD TV.

Where you can book the Temptation Resort , Cancun from UK:

There’s a complete choice of who to book with if you are interested in a holiday at The Temptations Resort in Cancun. For the best deal try all the below companies (links open in new window) and take a look at our Cancun Holiday Deals page for more inspiration.


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The Temptation Resort is only suitable for over 21′s

Temptation Resort & Spa Hotel Reviews

“Went for a week in September 2009 from Gatwick. Flights with Thomson were great, it didn’t seem to take as long as I had geared myself up for. Hotel is nice – very red and white throughout! Some of the entertainment stuff is a bit risqué but we did’t mind watching other people (Americans) make a fool out of themselves and it wasn’t like 18-30 with peer pressure to join in. Weather was great! Always a bit of a risk in September but I guess we got lucky.”

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Temptation Resort Cancun

Temptation Resort Cancun

Temptation Resort Cancun

Temptation Resort Cancun